Roles and Responsibilities

It is essential that roles and responsibilities identified in the lift plan are defined and understood by all personnel involved. The roles and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, those outlined below. Not all of the roles below may be identified in or required by the lift plan. In some cases an individual or entity may perform multiple, nonconflicting roles.

Assembly/disassembly director

Responsible for directing the assembly/disassembly (erect/dismantle) of the LHE


Responsible for providing any required engineering support and documentation for the load handling activity

General contractor/construction manager

Responsible for contractual requirements including deliverables, and ensuring performance and safety requirements are established and implemented

Lift director

Responsible for verifying the category of the load handling activity and reviewing and implementing the lift plan

LHE operator

Responsible for directly controlling the LHE's functions

LHE owner

Responsible for custodial control of the LHE by virtue of a lease or ownership

LHE user

Responsible for arranging the LHE's presence on a work site and controlling its use

Lift planner

Responsible for developing the lift plan


Responsible for performing rigging tasks associated with the load handling activity


Responsible for directing the movements of the LHE by providing signal commands to the LHE operator

Site safety officer

Responsible for enforcing work site safety policies

Site supervisor

Responsible for overseeing the work site on which the LHE is used and the work that is performed on the site


Responsible for observing and reporting as directed on the movement of the LHE and load

Transport operator

Responsible for operation of transport equipment used in support of the load handling activity