Cranemasters was started in 2007 after the founding team realized, through many years of experience as Overhead Crane Technicians, that there was a need for better crane operation and rigging practices. Their business, and reputation, has been built on their genuine interest in their customers needs. Not only does Cranemasters provide training, but they continue to support their customers by providing them the information they need to stay compliant with the current crane and rigging standards.

Cranemasters now trains an average of 3000 students a year. Their difference is hands-on, interactive and effective training.


  • Overhead Crane and Basic Rigging Training: Overhead Crane and Rigging Training is a 8 hour interactive course that trains the students on overhead cranes and rigging practices. The course is completed in one day format which includes 6 hours of theory and 2 hours of practical.

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  • Basic Rigging: Basic Rigging is an 8 hour interactive course that trains the students on rigging practices consisting of 6 hours of theory and 2 hours of practical.

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  • Rigging For Supervisors: Rigging For Supervisors Training is directed towards safety personnel, supervisors, managers, business owners, etc. This course is 4 hours in duration which provides a basic knowledge and understanding of rigging standards and principles.

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  • Customized Hoisting and Rigging Training: Customized Hoisting and Rigging Training is available upon request.


  • Online Basic Rigging Training: The most current ASME standards were used to create a new 2020 Basic Rigging - Level 1 course which covers rigging techniques, inspections, and clarifies rigging misconceptions. Student's also gain access to a library of online competency assessment forms to further enhance their learning experience.

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  • Virtual Overhead Crane & Rigging Training: Students can receive training in an online, live, and interactive virtual instructor-led format. After completion of the course, students are provided guides to complete the practical portion of the training with their supervisor. Visit for dates or contact us to schedule a private virtual course for your team.


Our fully trained instructors can visit your facility to directly mentor and coach your employees on positive/corrective rigging practices and overhead crane operation. Our experience shows that one-to-one coaching effectively corrects and enhances rigging practices. The student relates to this method of instruction as it pertains directly to their type of work and equipment being used.


All of the rules and regulations that govern the operation of cranes and rigging equipment can be overwhelming. We provide on-site Assessment and Gap Analysis services to ensure your equipment, policies, and workers are compliant.

Upon assessment of your companys equipment and employees, we can develop specific policies and procedures for hoisting and rigging requirements.