The Manufacturers Health and Safety Association (MHSA) became a not-for-profit safety association and Certifying Partner in 1992. MHSA has continued to work diligently with Alberta employers to accomplish the MHSAs mission of achieving worksite wellness, and reducing occupational injuries and illnesses through Education, Training, Advocacy and Partnership in numerous manufacturing industries.

In an effort to achieve this mission, MHSA collaborates with government and industry leaders by continuing to develop and offer relevant health and safety programs and products, such as the Rigging Resource Centre, to assist manufacturing companies in becoming industry-leading safety performers.

In addition to first-rate safety products and services that make MHSA stand out as a leading health and safety training provider, MHSA is deeply committed to serve as the Safety Advocate for over 1600 members, who employ more than 60,000 workers across the province of Alberta. MHSA ensures all their members and workers have a strong voice when it comes to crucial health and safety related issues that directly affect them.

Current MHSA Overhead Crane and Rigging Courses:

Rigging Fundamentals

This 1-day course teaches participants the fundamentals of rigging symmetrical loads with synthetic, chain and wire rope slings, as well as rigging hardware. Discussions will include basic hitches using one and two slings and 2 leg bridles as well as sling loading (tension) calculations. Participant learning is reinforced by actually rigging up assorted loads. Safe operating practices are stressed throughout the course.

Overhead Crane Operator Level 1

This 2-day interactive course teaches participants how to safely use Overhead Cranes and Rigging to make a Level 1 lift.

Level 1 Lifts are categorized as:

  • Standard or Routine lift (common load, easily rigged)
  • Symmetrical load (centre of gravity is in the middle - pipe, beam etc)
  • 1 or 2 slings (or 2 leg bridle)
  • Basic rigging components (shackles, eyebolts, swivel hoist rings)
  • Single crane with one hoist
  • Load travel close to floor

Participants will receive classroom and practical instructions.

Overhead Crane Operator Level 2

This 2 day interactive course advances the knowledge and understanding gained in Overhead Crane Operator Level 1, teaching participants the techniques and practices required to safely use Overhead Cranes and Rigging to make a Level 2 lift.

Level 2 Lifts are categorized as:

  • Non-Routine lift (uncommon load, not easily rigged)
  • Non-symmetrical load (weight unevenly distributed, centre of gravity not in middle)
  • Multiple slings or Multi-leg bridle assemblies
  • Spreader bars, lifting beams, lever hoists
  • Turning a load over (Upending a load)
  • Dual crane or dual hoist
  • Various lifting heights and travel distances

Participants will receive classroom theory and then work in small groups to fully plan and carry out a Level 2 lift.

Level 1 & 2 -together - provide a strong understanding of the techniques and practices required for rigging and lifting both symmetrical and non-symmetrical loads with single or dual cranes.

Overhead Crane Operator Train-The-Trainer

This 3-day hands-on comprehensive course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to teach an effective Overhead Crane Operator - Level 1 training course and evaluate competency at their facility. Participants will learn the instructional techniques involved to best deliver concepts in classroom theory and workplace practical training sessions.  Upon successful completion of the course, participants should be able to demonstrate effective speaking and presentation techniques, have a strong understanding of training course materials and be able to provide consistent, high quality classroom and hands-on training and evaluation that remains consistent for every course taught.

The MHSA Overhead Crane Operator Train-the-Trainer course allows qualified MHSA Overhead Crane Operator Train-the-Trainer  instructors to provide MHSA Overhead Crane Operator - Level 1 on-site training exclusively to a single company, i.e. the Employer of the trainer. This training course is not intended to permit third-party training providers and/or independent consultants to provide training to the general public or other MHSA member companies.

Our training courses are conducted at our Edmonton, Red Deer and Rocky View (Calgary) locations. Our modern classrooms provide a comfortable setting for learning and our large crane bays utilize overhead cranes, various rigging equipment and loads necessary to reinforce learning as participants receive hands on training.

Onsite Training

We also offer onsite training anywhere in Alberta. Please follow the link for more information.